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Rewritable LED Light Drawing Board Set

Rewritable LED Light Drawing Board Set

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Stylishly organize your thoughts or memos with this decorative lighted drawing note board!

A perfect combination of night light and a handy translucent memo board that lets you scribble notes while it emits a warm illumination. Allowing you to create unique gleaming written memos that can be clearly read and displayed on both sides. Making any space more whimsical and dreamlike with an added soothing ambience as you keep track of important information. No worries as it includes an ergonomically designed pen that smoothly writes on the board and stays legible without fading or smearing. Suitable for jotting down, memos, reminders, to-do list, schedules, calendars, or even doodles, and designs to make it more decorative. 

This LED note board is completely erasable which enables you to write down new messages or notes for each day. It even has a sturdy base that can be laid securely to any flat surface like study table, work desk, living room table, countertops and such. The luminous memo board can be powered using laptops, computers, power banks, plug-ins, car plug-ins and other USB interfaces. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that boasts an excellent durability which can withstand years of daily use without damaging or wearing off. 

Skip the messy chalkboards when you can stunningly write down illuminating memos using this  decorative lighted drawing note board!    


  • Creative Night Light Message Board
    Comes with a luminous base which emits a non-harming warm glow through the main board. It features a translucent, double-sided design where you can clearly write your notes and let it be conveniently displayed anytime from both sides. Allowing you to create beautifully written gleaming reminders, messages or announcements for a more relaxed and dreamlike atmosphere.

  • Innovative Design
    Has a smooth acrylic surface which can be flawlessly written on with anything you like in just a glide. It offers a writing pen with a non-slip, ergonomic body for better gripping and maneuverability. Additionally, the included pen provides a quick-drying ink that enables your notes to be kept clear without smearing or fading. No worries as it is completely erasable so you can cleanly take off existing messages and jot down new ones every day! This lighting board has a stable base that allows it to be laid at any flat surfaces like tables and countertops without budging.

  • Wide Application
    The perfect combination of a stunning night light and a writing board that can surely add a calming ambience to any space. Perfect for jotting down, memos, reminders, to-do list, schedules, calendars, or even doodles, and designs to make it more decorative. You can display it on living rooms, bedrooms, work rooms, children’s rooms, study tables, countertops and so on.

  • Aromatherapy Compartment
    Equipped with a convenient compartment from the base where you can store different aromatherapies. It lets the lighted note board slowly release a pleasant fragrance to improve your mood and promote relaxation. It even helps to aid the removal of common odors around your space as it softly illuminates.
  • Universal USB Power Supply
    Supplies a universal USB cable which allows it to be powered using laptops, computers, power banks, plug-ins or even car plug-ins. Its built-in LED releases a bright, soft illumination while using much less energy than any other lights. It can be left on all throughout the night without overheating to avoid any fire hazards and even helps you save more energy and bills. Available in 3 lovely shapes, including vertical, horizontal and round which can seamlessly blend and enhance any space.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic acrylic board and ABS plastic material with an advanced LED illumination. It has a highly transparent design for an outstanding quality field of vision. Furthermore, this night light note board boasts an excellent wearing resistance and corrosion resistance. It can withstand years of daily use without easily damaging, cracking or fading light. 


  • Material: Acrylic Board, ABS
  • Power: USB Charging
  • Size: 120x120mm (Circle) ; 100x150mm (Tall) ; 150x90mm (Wide)


  • Standard Set:
    • 1 x Transparent LED Drawing Board
    • 1 x Dual headed Drawing Board Pen
    • 1 x USB Charging Base
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Rewritable LED Light Drawing Board Set