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Flying Disc Launcher Toy for Kids

Flying Disc Launcher Toy for Kids

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Enjoy your happy time with your little children and stimulate your child's athletic talent. Makes kids sweat healthily.

Exercise  |  Stay away from the phone  |  Multiplayer competition  |  Unrestricted location

【Enjoy Happy Time】 Enjoy your happy time with your little children and stimulate your child's athletic talent. During playing this flying disc launcher toys for boys, children's hands-on ability, reaction ability, hand-eye coordination, athletic talent and other abilities will be exercised, so that children can grow up with joy.

【Toys For Boys and Girls】 This children toy for Boys and Girls is equipped with 8 discs and 2 catch nets. The kids toy set with this quantity allows your child to play with his or her buddies. Put multiple discs into the launcher at the same time, then step on the launcher to launch the discs into the air, kids can use the catch nets to catch the discs and enjoy the fun of running like crazy.


【Unique Flying Launcher Toys】 Special flying saucer toys can launch the disc by stepping on the pedal of kids toys, the power of the foot will be transferred into the driving force of the disc, and then push the screw rod to rapid rotation and the flying disc will be sent to the air, so that children can start to play happily, help children learn the change of the power and the working principle of the linkage mechanism.

【Easy And Simple】This creative step-on flying saucer machine is simple and easy for everyone to operate, ideal for children over 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 years old to play with each other. Please wear the goggles before playing, then put the discs into the launcher slot and step on the launch button on outdoor toy. Wait the discs fly to the mid air then catch the disc with net!


【High-Quality Gift】In order to provide children with a happy playing experience, so we've used high-quality ABS material in the production of this flying sauce toy, which makes this children toy more durable and sturdier. The smooth edge allows small kids to feel more at ease in the play. The pedal is equipped with a cushioning device, can protect the feet from injury.



Flying Disc Launcher toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ years old Boys Girl for birthday party Gifts, outdoor toys and fun Christmas Gift!

The Flying Disc Launcher toy is a great party favor for a family party, birthday party, children's Day party. Such as Christmas and Halloween. Also, Flying Disc Launcher toy as good behavior reward at home.

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Flying Disc Launcher Toy for Kids