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🔥Up to 40% OFF🔥Multifunctional Pedal Puller Resistance Rope

🔥Up to 40% OFF🔥Multifunctional Pedal Puller Resistance Rope

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💪Achieve your fitness goals effortlessly in your home. This versatile tool can exercise all you muscle groups. Fall in love with fitness and achieve a slim waist and captivating curves.✨


Using a foot pedal resistance trainer for 100 reps every day can bring amazing benefits after just one week of consistent practice! 💪✨

👍It allows independent exercises Whether you're lying down, sitting, or standing, on the floor or on the sofa On the floor, on the sofa.

Tummy exercise、Back exercise,Leg exercise,Arm exercise


💪INTELLIGENT VOICE DESIGN: It is equipped with intelligent voice that accurately counts and automatically announces the time every 10 seconds. The scientific voice counting enhances the efficiency of your workouts.

💪STURDY AND SAFE: The tension rope is made from high-density TPE material, ensuring durability and resistance to deformation even with prolonged use. The thickened rope body provides even force distribution and guarantees safe and secure workouts.

💪FULL-BODY WORKOUT: This multifunctional tool allows for a complete body workout. Use it to strengthen your arms, improve posture, engage your core muscles, and tone your legs and glutes.


💪PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The resistance rope is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for home, gym, or travel use. You can conveniently incorporate it into your exercise routine anytime, anywhere.

💪VERSATILE TRAINING TOOL: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this resistance rope offers a wide range of exercises to target various muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals.




Material: NBR foam, eco-friendly TPE

Dimensions: 27*55cm

Stretch Length: 126cm±

Function: Sports and Fitness Assistance


1 * Multifunctional Pedal Puller Resistance Rope


Follow the instructions for proper usage and safety guidelines.

Start with shorter workout durations and gradually increase as your fitness level improves.

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🔥Up to 40% OFF🔥Multifunctional Pedal Puller Resistance Rope