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Strong Bonding Acrylic Glue - Multi-purpose & Large-capacity

Strong Bonding Acrylic Glue - Multi-purpose & Large-capacity

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Experience the power of strong bonding with our Strong Bonding Acrylic Glue. This multi-purpose adhesive is designed to provide fast and reliable bonding for a wide range of materials. With its large-capacity and easy-to-use formulation, it's the perfect solution for all your bonding needs.


5-MIN FAST CURING: Our acrylic glue features a fast curing time of just 5 minutes, allowing you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently. Whether you're working on crafts, repairs, or DIY projects, this adhesive will provide a strong and durable bond in no time.

MULTI-PURPOSE: It can bond a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, fabric, and more. From household repairs to arts and crafts, this glue is your go-to solution for all your bonding requirements.

LARGE-CAPACITY: With a large-capacity of 50G, this adhesive provides ample supply for multiple projects. Whether you're working on small-scale tasks or larger projects, you can rely on this glue to meet your needs without running out.

SAFE & HARMLESS: Safety is a top priority, it is made from safe and harmless transparent acrylic material. It is low in odor, ensuring a pleasant working environment without any strong chemical smells.

EASY TO USE: The glue is designed for hassle-free application, allowing you to apply it smoothly and precisely. Its consistency ensures easy spreading, and it adheres quickly, saving you time and effort.


Category: Glue

Main Purpose: Bonding, Repair

Suitable for: Metal, Wood, Stone, etc.

Material: Acrylic

Net Content: 50 G

Curing Time: 5 min

Active Life: 500 min

Shear Strength: 26 MPa

Working Temperature: 25℃

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Size: As Shown


1 * Strong Bonding Acrylic Glue


Keep away from children and fire. It is recommended to use it in a ventilated place.

This product cannot be used on PP, PE, PA, POM, rubber, leather, and other materials.

It is recommended to squeeze the glue without interruption to avoid uneven effects.

When removing the product from the refrigerated environment, please use it after the glue reaches room temperature.

Please make sure the bonding surface is clean and free from any contaminants. For example: dirt, oil, lubricant, and rust.

If glue comes into contact with the skin, rinse immediately with soapy water.

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Strong Bonding Acrylic Glue - Multi-purpose & Large-capacity