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USB Indoor Electric UV Mosquito Killer Lamp

USB Indoor Electric UV Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Are you still being disturbed by mosquitoes at night?

Our Mosquito Killer Lamp can safely, effectively, and quietly help you catch annoying mosquitoes, allowing you and your family to sleep more at ease.


Powerful UV Mosquito Killer - The mosquito killer lamp is equipped with LED lamp beads, which emits violet UV light waves to effectively attract mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects, is truly helpful to catching the mosquitos.Please use it in dark condition, the flies won't be attracted if in bright condition.


Powerful Vacuum Suction - This new Mosquito Killer Lamp can form a mosquito-absorbing whirlwind vortex, allowing mosquitoes to follow the airflow through the air duct to the bottom of the fan, without generating electric shock noise.

Effective Fly Killer - The Mosquito Killer Lamp uses physical method, produces UV ray to attract the mosquitoes and other small flies, then the wind from the lamp will suck it into a chamber where it will die from dehydration gradually.

Safety and Environmentally - Electric mosquitoes trap lamp is non-chemical, odorless, no Radiation, and non-toxic. It is safe for children, family, friends, and pets. An ideal choice for children and adult's bedrooms.


Easy to Clean - The Mosquito Killer Lamp has a large collector for mosquitoes, which reduce the cleaning frequency to save your time. The mosquitoes collector can be unscrew and clean by water.


Shell material: ABS+PP

Color: Black

Applicable area: below 10 square meters

Light source type: LED

Mosquito control and repellent methods: Light wave mosquito lure

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USB Indoor Electric UV Mosquito Killer Lamp